Design is one of the best aspects of Animal Crossing. Even before you could terraform your island in New Horizons, the most iconic aspect of the game was undeniably collecting furniture to decorate your hard-earned house. Villagers also had their own specially decorated houses that could change over time, making the game feel more life-like. It was always exciting to visit your favorite villager and see that your gift had been placed in their home, even if it somewhat ruined the decor.

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The series has changed over time, too, and so have the villagers. Every villager got a revamped house in New Horizons, and some of them are nicer than others. Ranked by style, design, organization, and overall vibe, let’s check out the best of the best when it comes to villager homes.

Updated on June 21, 2023 by Casey Foot: Inviting a new villager to your island and visiting their home for the first time is always a highlight. Villager house interiors often reflect the personality of their owner, showing their hobbies, favorite color, and general theme. If you want to invite villagers who have interesting house interiors, these would be excellent picks. Here are a few more animals who make excellent interior designers.

20 Astrid

Astrid in her house in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Female kangaroo villagers carry their children in their pouches, similar to how the animal does in real life. However, apart from this, the game pays little attention to their children. Astrid’s home was clearly designed with her child in mind, as it’s fittingly decorated like a children’s play park.

Astrid’s child has lots of toys to play with, including a Playground Gym and a Tricycle, as well as a drinking fountain in case they’re thirsty, There’s also a Swinging Bench that Astrid can take some much-needed rest on while she watches her child play. It’s just a shame that you can never see the child interact with the furniture.

19 Ione

Ione in her house in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Welcomed to New Horizons during the 2.0 update, Ione is a squirrel who has a bright, starry design, which shows off her gleaming personality. Ione’s home perfectly captures her space aesthetic through her matching Starry-Sky Wall and Starry-Skies Rug, which complement her night-sky-like tail.

Ione’s house also reveals that she enjoys gaming, as, in the corner of her room, she has a gaming chair and desk, with multiple monitors, as well as a Nintendo Switch beneath her TV. If you ever need game recommendations, Ione is the villager to go to, and her home is the perfect spot to have a gaming session in.

18 Raymond

Raymond in his house in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

First introduced in New Horizons, Raymond is a divisive Smug villager – you’re either willing to spend millions of Bells to move him onto your island, or you’d rather have literally any other villager. Raymond’s character design encapsulates his Smug, business-cat personality, and this is also reflected in his home, which resembles an office.

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His house is complete with an Office Desk, Fax Machine, and Document Stacks. Raymond even has a Safe in his home, where he probably keeps the money from… whatever kind of business he’s running. If you want to help Raymond with his paperwork or bring him his morning coffee, he even has a separate desk for his assistant in the corner.

17 Lucky

Lucky in his house in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Lucky has appeared in every game in the Animal Crossing series, and is a favorite among fans because of his delightfully spooky bandaged appearance that resembles a mummy. Lucky’s homes throughout the series have always made use of this aesthetic, with a lot of them resembling Egyptian tombs.

New Horizons drops Lucky’s ancient Egyptian furniture, though, and instead opts for a straight-up graveyard for him to live in. If you’re a fan of villagers with a spooky aesthetic, Lucky does not disappoint – his home features a skeleton, a Skull Radio playing K.K. Dirge, and not one, not two, but three gravestones. With Lucky, every day truly is Halloween.

16 Tucker

Tucker in his house in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Tucker’s woolly mammoth appearance immediately makes you expect big things from his house interior, and it doesn’t disappoint. Similar to his home in New Leaf, Tucker has jungle-like decor, which includes a Bamboo Speaker playing K.K. Safari. He also has a Bamboo Drum, so he can join in with the music.

The centerpiece of Tucker’s home is the Stonehenge furniture item – while the original landmark is located in England, it fits the room’s aesthetic perfectly nevertheless, especially when placed alongside the two Tiki Torches.

15 Butch

Butch with a player in Animal Crossing New Horizons

This dog is a dark horse among favorite Animal Crossing characters: a Cranky Dog that’s been around since the very start of the series with Animal Forest in Japan. Butch’s home has always had a radical touch to it, having included Modern-style furniture games such as a Dartboard in previous entries.

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New Horizons takes a risky chance redesigning Butch’s home, but it works well. The wild, rough elements of the ‘on-the-road’ lifestyle make him seem as cool as ever. He has two amazing Throwback racecar beds, as well as an open highway and plenty of gasoline to keep him revving on into the sunset.

14 Ribbot

Ribbot and a player in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Everyone’s beloved robot frog gets a sweet house design in New Horizons, giving him the electrical equipment and tools needed to keep himself in tip-top shape. Before New Leaf, Ribbot had a lunar and space theme throughout his house, consisting of Astronaut Suits and Spaceships.

Now, Ribbot boasts an impressive laboratory/garage working space, similar to the amount of tech his New Leaf house contained. He has several computers to connect to, along with powerful Servers for all his… memories? We may never know. It’s cool nonetheless.

13 Dobie

Dobie and a player in Dobie's house in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Dobie was introduced in New Leaf and had a home reminiscent of a noir detective’s office, which New Horizons carries on fantastically. From the retro Phonograph to the stacks and shelves of books everywhere, Dobie clearly means business. Just looking at his sleek desk and Whiteboard of suspects makes us trust him to solve the case!

He’s clearly not the neatest, embodying the sincere but scatterbrained detective too hot on the case to clean up his office, but it makes his character seem all the more charming because of it.

12 Ankha

Ankha in her house in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Ankha is one of the original villagers from Animal Crossing on the GameCube, so making her home perfect is most likely a high priority for Nintendo. Luckily, they knocked it out of the park with her New Horizons home, keeping it simple but striking. All of her furniture is golden, as nothing less will do for a Snooty villager like Ankha.

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The lack of Sphinx present in her New Leaf house knocks her down a few points, but the room still stands out among the rest as extravagant and exceptional.

11 Julian

Julian in his house in Animal Crossing New Horizons

No one should be surprised that fan-favorite Julian is on this list, considering his penchant for style. Introduced in New Leaf, Julian was coveted by many a player, similar to the Raymond phenomenon but on a much lower scale. His personality is Smug, his fashion leaves you starstruck, and he’s an actual unicorn. What’s not to love?

Clearly, the game designers knew the importance of making Julian’s home look amazing. Not only does he have the complete Zodiac furniture series, but each piece is placed well and doesn’t overcrowd the room. The Starry Garlands are an excellent aesthetic touch, and dead center is the Fortune-telling set, which the mist of the Cloud Flooring swirls around.

10 Plucky

Plucky and a player in Plucky's house in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Introduced back in the GameCube era, Plucky is one of the many Sisterly villagers you may have received upon starting the game, but she originally had a Peppy personality. When Uchi (or Sisterly) was introduced in New Leaf, so was Plucky.

If Plucky was a starter on your island, you might have missed out on her killer beach-themed house, complete with surfboards, a snack stand, and a blasting Cassette player. Her complete collection of surfboards is quite impressive and is reminiscent of the popular sisterly character Nani from Lilo & Stitch.

9 Eunice

Eunice and player in Eunice's house in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Eunice has a unique and charming house design emulating a real-life laundromat. There are plenty of machines for visitors to use and a soda machine if they get thirsty. The place has chairs to rest on, making it a liveable home as well as a cute gimmick that suits the sheep quite well.

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Eunice is a Normal villager, meaning she likes being kind and helpful to her neighbors whenever possible. If only we could bring our wardrobe favorites over for a wash! It’s still worth a visit to hear K.K. Disco blasting on the laundromat radio while the suds spin round and round.

8 Étoile

Etoile and player in Etoile's house in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Arguably the cutest interior design of all the Sanrio villager homes, Étoile is based on Kiki and Lala from the Little Twin Stars series, whose colors are primarily pastel blue and pink. This theme can be seen throughout her house, having several of the Sanrio-exclusive items such as the Kiki & Lala Bed and Kiki & Lala Table.

The colors work harmoniously together, contrasted by Étoile’s soft purple wool. The room also has a good balance of furniture, leaving enough room to move around comfortably and not feel too crowded. If you are able to get Étoile’s amiibo card, you will be lucky to experience her decor skills in all their glory, as well as obtain the Kiki & Lala items for yourself.

7 Genji

Genji and player in Genji's house in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Don’t be fooled by his stoic resting face; Genji is kinder than he looks. This Jock is another original villager from the series’ first game, so he’s had quite a few house designs over the years. They’ve all been modeled to look like a Zen Garden, often with lanterns, folding screens, and, of course, rocks.

Other great features that pull the room together are the Deer scare, customized Paper lantern, and his Bonsai shelf, which is craftable. When the day is done, Genji can rest his ears on his Tatami bed in the corner and dream of being a star athlete.

6 Stitches

Stitches in his house in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Stitches is a love/hate kind of villager: some adore him and his buttonless eyes, while others find him creepy and off-putting. No matter what side of the Stitches debate you end up on, it’s hard to deny just how adorable his home is, especially since it fits his theme perfectly.

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Several of the exclusive ‘Mom’ items take up residence in Stitches’ house to make it feel more loved and handmade, including his collection of stuffed animals and Mom’s lively kitchen mat at the house’s entrance. Adorning the walls are an Alphabet Study poster and Mom’s embroidery, and playing from the Cute music player? ‘I Love You.’

5 Blanche

Blanche in her house in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Blanche’s home encompasses several different emotions: comforting, orderly, elegant, and yet not at all boastful. Reminiscent of a Chashitsu (Japanese tearoom), Blanche has her Traditional tea set in the center of the room on her Imperial low table.

It is suggested that Blanche’s English name is inspired by Blanche Devereaux of The Golden Girls, which explains her fashion sense and Snooty personality that is represented throughout her home decor. Her kimono collection is quite impressive and fills the back wall of the house with color and vibrancy.

4 Bea

Bea and player in Bea's house in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Bea the Normal dog is the proud owner and operator of a cafe, which is perhaps the most charming and heartwarming themed house of any villager. Dishes available are Borscht, Green curry, Corn soup, and Cream stew, as well as an Espresso maker and Infused-water dispenser. The Blackboard wall adds extra charm with its artwork of coffee machines and pastries.

This cafe is organized quite well, allowing for ample walking space and a cute kitchen corner where Bea handles finances and washes dishes. Luckily, there’s a chair for her to rest her tired paws after a long day.

3 Sylvana

Sylvana in her house in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Cherry blossom DIY items are available for a short period of the year, allowing for quite beautiful decorations to be crafted. Sylvana’s home is utter proof of that, encapsulating the perfect forest picnic during cherry blossom season.

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The room has multiple Blossom-viewing lanterns surrounding the blanket and an abundance of delicious food such as the Outdoor picnic set. Thanks to the addition of the Hip Reaction Collection, you can take a seat on the blanket with Sylvana and enjoy the scenery. It’s the perfect place for a lunch date.

2 Daisy

Daisy and player in Daisy's house in Animal Crossing New Horizons

There’s no other way to say it: this home is so cute, just like Daisy herself. It’s complete with all the necessities one might need while studying or working from home while being exquisitely color-coordinated. It’s what college students dream of: a reliable study desk, a tall shelf of books, a brewed pot of tea, and space to unwind after hard work.

Daisy’s previous homes in the series have heavily featured huge library collections and artifacts such as fossils. Besides the lack of her trusty Fire extinguisher, Daisy’s home is a gorgeous reimagining of who she is: someone who loves education and learning.

1 Henry

Henry and player in Henry's house in Animal Crossing New Horizons

This Smug amphibian is truly underrated as a villager, which is a terrible shame. Think of all the people missing out on his fantastic home. Henry dedicates half of his home to the kitchen, and what a kitchen it is. This fully-stocked setup has it all: Espresso machine, Microwave, Gas range, Double-door Refrigerator, and several of the coveted Ironwood furniture items.

Shortly after New Horizons’ launch, many players scrambled to obtain the necessary items and DIY recipes to craft their own Ironwood Kitchenette, while Henry lounged in his perfect kitchen drinking coffee. He should really get his own cooking show.

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