Small Shared Bedroom Ideas That Add Storage and Style


Common among siblings and frequently needed for visitors, shared rooms are often the size of a regular bedroom but must contain twice the furniture, belongings, and personalities. With so much packed into such a tight space, small shared bedroom ideas should include function and layout to keep sibling squabbling to a minimum or allow guests to have a little space of their own when they come to stay. To keep a cramped room under control, you’ll need to incorporate some creative bedroom storage and space-saving tips. Check out these small shared bedroom ideas and create a double-duty room that works for everyone.

Symmetrical Small Shared Bedroom

To make the most of a small bedroom, keep the furniture layout symmetrical. Here, twin beds split one wall and feature identical bedding and headboards for a cohesive look. A dresser tucks neatly between the two and serves as a storage-packed nightstand.

Back-to-Back Small Kids’ Bedroom

Kim Cornelison

For siblings who don’t get along 100% of the time, the best small shared bedroom idea is to create boundaries. Here, a short wall divides two matching twin beds. With both their heads to the wall, they’ll hardly notice the other person at night. Drawers underneath give each kid their own storage and leave the center of the room as a middle ground for play dates and activities.

Small Kids’ Bedroom With a Pop of Pattern

Biz Jones

When it comes to small spaces, white walls are a great way to keep things light and airy. For kids who want a little splash of color, try accenting a neutral wall with a simple geometric design. To create these mountain-like triangles, simply tape off the pattern and paint them in two colors. No allover paint job or wallpapering necessary.

Split Small Kids’ Bedroom

Nathan Schroder Photography

If arguments are common between your children, go the extra mile to make sure a small shared bedroom is a fight-free zone. By splitting the room exactly in half, each kid gets their own space, and no one needs to worry about a sibling’s clothing or toys getting in their way. It helps if they can at least agree on a decor theme.

Small Kids’ Bedroom With a Step Up

Michael Luppino

Even the most awkward spaces can accommodate a small shared bedroom idea, and this staircase platform proves it. Like a trundle bed, one person sleeps slightly above the next, so this solution is ideal for close siblings. Tight quarters? Yes. Totally stylish shared bedroom idea? Absolutely.

Storage Savvy Small Kids’ Bedroom

Jean Allsopp

Sharing a bedroom is hard enough, let alone in a small space. Gain extra storage with custom furniture like this bed frame with built-in drawers. This space-saving bunk bed is a small shared bedroom idea. The pullout compartments make under-bed storage more accessible, while the stacked beds save floor space for playtime.

Light and Open Small Kids’ Bedroom

David A Land

Open up a cramped space with bright, light colors. A few coats of white paint transformed this dark attic space into an airy, small, shared bedroom. Pops of color in the bedding and rugs make this kids’ retreat the perfect playroom getaway.

Identical Small Kids’ Bedroom

Jay Wilde

The key to the small shared bedroom idea is to make everything equal. Ensure each child has the same amount of space and storage for their needs. Aim for furniture with an even number of drawers so that everything can be divided equally.

Twin-Sized Small Guest Bedroom

Robert Brinson

On another note, consider twin beds rather than a king-size bed when decorating your guest room. Not all guests will be comfortable sleeping in the same bed, and this solution ensures no one ends up on the couch. A desk between the beds adds functional space for getting work done.

Beachy Small Guest Bedroom

Richard Leo Johnson

This beach house guest room is small, but a clever color palette makes it feel spacious. When putting together a small shared bedroom idea for guests, use light and bright colors. A neutral palette will please almost anyone, and the cheerful natural light makes the space appear larger.

Built-In Small Shared Bedroom

Werner Straube

Inset bunk beds can save floor space in small rooms. This functional setup is built directly into the wall, allowing a double desk and a window seat to fit in the room. While adding built-ins may seem a hefty makeover, the result is totally worth it.


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