Old and new styles blend perfectly in this heritage home |


Built in 1905 in the Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco, this Colonial Revival style home already had many advantages. The young family who had made it their home had got to know the house when their friends lived there. 

Although they loved the property and particularly its historic detailing, they were keen to put their own stamp on the space and update it in areas, to improve the connectivity between the formal and informal spaces, but also to improve its offering for entertaining guests. 

Following a recent redesign, the house is one of the world’s best homes, and interior designer Marea Clark, who spearheaded its renovation, shows us round.  

entry with dark wood sideboard and stairs with white walls

(Image credit: Paul Dyer & Isabelle Eubanks)

‘Preserving the home’s original details while updating outdated features for modern living always requires a lot of thought and planning,’ says designer Marea Clark. ‘We wanted the more informal spaces to flow to the more formal spaces with ease, and balancing the design of these was a challenge – making sure it felt like a family home, but also sophisticated.’


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