Couple Spend Hundreds on ‘Dramatic’ Bedroom Decor, Does Not Go as Planned


“My husband and I trying to convince ourselves that we love the dark color we just paid hundreds of dollars for,” a couple says, while staring aimlessly at their newly painted walls and ceiling.

They are the focus of a viral TikTok video that captures their mutual disappointment at the fresh lick of deep-brown paint that has coated their once-bare walls.

Taylor Monaco, a content creator, and her boyfriend were seen with their heads in their hands—an exaggerated sign of despair pulled for the comedic clip—after casting their eyes on the chocolate room.

Neutrals have staged a big comeback in the world of interior design. But the plush greys that reigned supreme over Pinterest boards and design pamphlets last decade have been replaced with shades of tan, beige and brown.

Softer hues can add a hint of timeless minimalism to a space or outfit, and so earthier tones have become a staple in both fashion and interior design this decade. Every so often, a new Pantone color gets crowned the crème de la crème of the season, but the couple have shared their regret at pulling out their paint brushes for a trend.

Fortunately, some of Monaco’s 12,000-strong following have sympathized in the comments section of the post. There, they have dropped their tips and tricks for styling the imposing new color. The general consensus is that warmer, ambient lighting could soften and lift the room.

“More ambient lighting,” one user wrote, while another posted: “The ceiling may have been too much, but more ambient lighting and put something on the wall like texture or crown molding.”

“It’s the lighting that’s making it feel weird. It will look cozy with warm lighting and add natural earthy decor. Stone, dried grasses, textured linens,” a third TikTok user added.

“The ceiling light is what is making it feel claustrophobic. More ambient lighting and you’ll be sweet,” a fourth commented.

Other viewers fear that the design faux pas may be unsalvageable.

“It’s giving Wonka,” one user wrote. The reference to Roald Dahl’s imagined chocolate factory clearly struck a chord with TikTok users as the comment has been liked more than 2,000 times.

More than 4.5 million viewers have watched Monaco’s video since it was first shared to the platform on February 17.

Newsweek reached out to @taylorambermonaco for more information via Instagram and email.

Brown home
A home decorated with brown walls. A viral video captured a couple’s distress at seeing their walls and ceiling painted in a trendy shade of brown.

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How Can You Make Brown Interiors Work?

Newsweek spoke with Dara Greaney, the CEO and founder of LED Light Expert, to understand how budding designers can make a brown palette land well in their homes.

“Brown can be a tricky color because it can take away from the lighting of the room, especially if it’s dark brown walls,” Greaney told Newsweek.

“The color absorbs a lot of light, making the room feel smaller. So you will want to incorporate light sources as much as possible without crowding the room. It is a delicate balance.

“But, combining task and accent lighting, through lamps or overhead fixtures, will open up the room and make it not feel so dark. On top of that, use light-colored accessories and mirrors to decorate,” Greaney added.

The e-commerce lighting retailer, who is originally from California, said that the couple should invest in mirrors to lighten up the room.

“Mirrors are a great way to reflect light and keep the room bright and open. Incorporate natural sunlight where you can, and choose warm white LED lights,” Greaney added.

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