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Every year, interior design trends shift significantly, including bedroom design trends. 2024 is no different. This year, we are seeing a shift in how we are decorating our bedrooms. From organic textures to biophilic designs, there are many new trends that are now dominating the bedroom interior design space.


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Interior design expert Ryan McDonough at has teamed up with a range of other interior design and home experts to create this ultimate guide on 2024 bedroom design trends. So, if you’re looking to update your bedroom décor this year, take a look at this list for some inspiration.


Incorporating Organic Textures


Organic textures are set to be a big bedroom trend this year. “I am seeing more use of organic textures such as natural wood, rattan, and woven materials in bedroom designs,” says David Mason, interior designer and founder of “These elements add warmth and texture to the space and create a connection to the outdoors.”


“My idea of incorporating this trend would be to use a wooden headboard or a woven rug in the bedroom. This way, the space will have a natural and earthy feel to it,” Mason continues. The organic trend can bring a feeling of serenity to the room, creating a much more relaxing atmosphere.


Mismatched Furniture


“Matching bedroom sets- especially wooden ones are out,” says Manuela Hamilford, interior designer and founder of Hamilford Design. “If they are too matchy-matchy and take up lots of space, it gives the feeling that the homeowner doesn’t have much personal taste. A few matching pieces are fine but think about pieces that can work harmoniously. A room should help tell people about your personality, feel layered and organic.”


“Sets can look forced and dull, so don’t just pick a set out of a catalogue without thinking. The trend for 2024 works on a more relaxed and organic feeling, with pieces having sentimental value and looking like they are being collected naturally over time rather than bought together. Mismatched sets are in,” Hamilford continues.


The Ultimate Luxury Trend


Luxury is completely in this year. “This trend focuses on the subtle infusion of elegance into everyday living spaces. It’s about crafting a tranquil haven using materials that offer both comfort and a touch of elegance,” says Smirna Kulenovic, design expert at Next Luxury. Think about it: who wouldn’t want to fall asleep and wake up in a luxurious bedroom haven?


“This trend leans towards a palette of soft neutrals, complemented by the refined textures of linen, silk, or velvet”, Kulenovic continues. “Aim for a clean, clutter-free environment where each element, from furniture to accessories, reflects a mindful approach to luxury.”


Tech-Integrated Bedrooms


Technology is advancing extremely quickly, and many homeowners are taking advantage of using technology in the home. “As smart homes become more popular, bedrooms will also transform into high-tech sanctuaries,” says Connor Butterworth, CEO and owner of Southwestern Rugs Depot. “The integration of technology will not only bring convenience but also enhance the overall cosy ambience.”


So, how do you achieve a tech-integrated bedroom design? Butterworth suggests that you; “Outfit the bedroom with smart home devices such as voice-activated lights, blinds, and thermostats. Soundproofing the room will ensure a quiet, minimalist design while maintaining technological convenience.”


Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Designs


Sustainable and eco-friendly bedroom designs are set to be big this year. “As environmental awareness grows, so does the demand for sustainable and eco-friendly designs”, says Ricky Allen, director and designer of Ever Wallpaper. “This trend focuses on using natural and renewable materials like bamboo, cork, and recycled wood.”


“It also includes incorporating energy-efficient lighting and accents. To achieve this trend, choose furniture made from sustainable materials and opt for energy-saving options for lighting and electronics,” Allen continues.


A Serene Sanctuary


“Imagine stepping into a bedroom that feels like a tranquil retreat—a space where you can truly unwind and recharge. This is the essence of creating a serene sanctuary in 2024,” says Riley Annen, interior designer and property investor at Companies That Buy Houses. A serene sanctuary in the bedroom will allow you to create the most inviting and relaxing atmosphere in which to fall asleep.


“By infusing soft, calming hues and natural elements into the design, we’re not just crafting spaces—we’re curating experiences that promote relaxation and mindfulness. It’s about creating environments that nurture the soul as much as they do the body,” Annen continues.


Biophilic Designs


Biophilic designs are also set to be big in the bedroom this year. “Biophilic design emphasises natural elements in our bedrooms. Imagine waking up to sunlight streaming through sheer curtains, fresh air from open windows, and the comforting presence of potted plants,” says Erica Brenning, real estate expert and owner of Cash Buyers.


“Vertical gardens, natural textures like exposed brick, and water features like a tabletop fountain. Zen gardens strengthen this connection to nature, cultivating a sense of calm and well-being,” Brennan continues. When incorporating biophilic designs, consider ways in which you can bring the outside inside. This design trend is very calming and relaxing, which is perfect for the bedroom.


The Barbiecore Design Trend


The year 2023 was all about Barbie. Following the release of the Barbie movie searches for pink interior design trends soared. “This is a design style that embraces all things pink, feminine, and nostalgic,” says Jonathan Faccone, interior designer and founder of Halo Homebuyers. “It is all about creating a dreamy and whimsical space that makes you feel like you’re living in a Barbie world.”


“Consider incorporating soft pastel colours, floral patterns, and vintage-inspired furniture into your bedroom design to achieve the Barbiecore aesthetic”, Faccone explains. This trend is perfect for creating the ultimate dream world right in your own home. A Barbiecore bedroom creates a dreamy, cosy atmosphere that focuses on pink colour hues and soft, vintage accents.


Final Thoughts


As you can see, there are many fantastic new bedroom trends for 2024. If you are considering updating your bedroom this year, keep these trends in mind when designing your perfect bedroom. The bedroom is a space to unwind and relax. Keep this in mind when narrowing down your ideal bedroom designs and choose something that works for you.







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