73 Inspiring Bedroom Ideas and Expert Tips to Transform Your Home, According to Interior Designers | Gwinnett Daily Post Parade Partner Content


Are you on the hunt for ways to level up your primary bedroom, guest room, haven for boys, girls or teens, or a cozy space for your in-laws? Then you’re in luck, because we asked 12 of the best interior designers around to share sleeping spaces they’ve designed along with insights and tricks of the trade that you can use as bedroom ideas in your own home.

From small rooms to large master bedrooms, and spaces that range in style from modern to boho, these 73 rustic and cool bedroom design ideas have it all. Whether you’re looking to elevate your decor with one or two tweaks, or revamp a room entirely, everyone—men and women alike—will be able to find something inspiring in this list.

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kAm%9:D 365C@@> 8@6D E@ D9@H E92E 36:?8 3C2G6 H:E9 4@=@C[ 6G6? H96? E96J =@@< BF:E6 5:776C6?E 7C@> @?6 2?@E96C[ 4C62E6D 2? 2>2K:?8 =@@<] }:49@=2D }2D9 25G:D6D[ “rC62E6 2 k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^A2C256]4@>^`b`feb_^>682?@?6:==^4@=@C\@7\E96\J62C\a_aa^Qm4@=@C7F=k^2m 365C@@> H:E9 2 =:G6=J 3=6?5 @7 7F? 3C:89ED 2?5 ;6H6= E@?6D] |:I 😕 E6IEFC65 G6=G6ED[ 3C:89E H9:E6D 7@C 4@?EC2DE 2?5 A@=:D965 ?:4<6= 6=6>6?ED 7@C 25565 D9:?6]”k^Am

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kAmtG6? E9@F89 E9:D 😀 2 49:=5’D C@@>[ :E =@@<D D@ D@A9:DE:42E65 E92E :E 4@F=5 A2DD 7@C 2 8C@H?\FA D=66A:?8 DA246 E@@] #676CC:?8 E@ E96 DE2E6>6?E H2== 2D 92G:?8 “E:>6=6DD[ ?6FEC2= H2==A2A6C[” ;p`Kxa~%tdK8_}sp_^F?:BF6\365C@@>\DEJ=6];A8Q 96:89ElQg__Q H:5E9lQ`a__Q ^mk7:842AE:@?mkAms@F8=2D w:== !9@E@8C2A9Jk^Amk^7:842AE:@?mk^7:8FC6m

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kAm’2DD:=:@F D92C6D E9:D EC:4<i “@@<:?8 E@ k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^A2C256]4@>^hfaceh^>2CJ?=:=6D^564=FEE6C:?8\E:AD^QmC6>@G6 D@>6 4=FEE6Ck^2m 7C@> J@FC ?:89EDE2?5Dn %9:?< 23@FE 3C:?8:?8 J@FC =:89E:?8 7C@> E96 46:=:?8 E@ 8:G6 J@F >@C6 DFC7246 2C62]”k^Am

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kAm|24F82 :>A2CED E96D6 DE6AD E@ 4C62E6 2 D:>:=2C 365C@@> @7 J@FC @H?i “!F== E@86E96C A=FD9[ :?G:E:?8 7FC?:D9:?8D 5C6DD65 H:E9 9:89\BF2=:EJ =:?6?D E92E AC@>:D6 2 C6DE7F= D2?4EF2CJ] K*c~s*I~%”J%&H^=2C86\365C@@>\:562D];A8Q 96:89ElQg__Q H:5E9lQ`a__Q ^mk7:842AE:@?mkAmq6E92?J }2F6CEk^Amk^7:842AE:@?mk^7:8FC6m

kAm“x7 J@F 92G6 E96 DBF2C6 7@@E286[ 92G:?8 2 565:42E65 D:EE:?8 2C62 😕 2 365C@@> 😀 2 723F=@FD @AE:@?[” !6=E:6C D2JD] “qJ 9F88:?8 2 4@C?6C H:E9 2 D64E:@?2=[ H6 H6C6 23=6 E@ >2I:>:K6 E96 D62E:?8 H:E9@FE 6?4C@249:?8 E@@ 72C :?E@ E96 C@@>] qJ A=24:?8 E96 D@72D F?56C E96 H:?5@HD[ E96J’C6 32E965 😕 H2C> DF?=:89E 😕 E96 k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^A2C256]4@>^hbega_^A2C256^8@@5\>@C?:?8\BF@E6D^Qm>@C?:?8k^2m]”k^Am

k9bmcf] $66:?8 s@F3=6k^9bm

k7:8FC6mk:>8 DC4lQ9EEADi^^A2C256]4@>^]:>286^407:ETar90g__TarH0`a__^|;p`|K*c~s8`}%*_};8H|%”c^8F6DE\C@@>\:562D];A8Q 96:89ElQg__Q H:5E9lQ`a__Q ^mk7:842AE:@?mkAm!9@E@8C2A96C ‘:G:2? y@9?D@?k^Amk^7:842AE:@?mk^7:8FC6m

kAms:DA=2J:?8 2? :562= D6E\FA 7@C 2 8F6DE C@@>[ }:49@=2D }2D9 D2JD E92E :E’D E96 2446DD@C:6D E92E C62==J >2<6 E9:D C@@>] “%C2?D7@C> 2?J DA246 H:E9 E96 E:>6=6DD 6=682?46 @7 3=24< 2?5 H9:E6 2446?ED[” D96 D2JD] “uC@> 3@=5[ 3=24<[ D4F=AEFC2= =:89E:?8 E@ 3@=5 8C2A9:4 A:==@HD[ E96D6 2446DD@C:6D 3C62E96 =:76 :?E@ 2?J C@@>]”k^Am

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k7:8FC6mk:>8 DC4lQ9EEADi^^A2C256]4@>^]:>286^407:ETar90g__TarH0`a__^|;p`|K*c~%pc~%tc}%*_~sxH^:?DA:C:?8\365C@@>\:562];A8Q 96:89ElQg__Q H:5E9lQ`a__Q ^mk7:842AE:@?mkAmr@FCE6DJ :76 rC62E65k^Amk^7:842AE:@?mk^7:8FC6m

kAm~7E6?E:>6D[ H2==A2A6C 42? D6CG6 2D :?DA:C2E:@? 7@C 2? 6?E:C6 DA246[ 2?5 E92E’D 46CE2:?=J E96 42D6 😕 E9:D 365C@@>] pD K*c~%8c;”K~s<_K8J^3C:89E\365C@@>\:562];A8Q 96:89ElQg__Q H:5E9lQdfaQ ^mk7:842AE:@?mkAmr96=D62 z6??J[ #@D63F5 !9@E@8C2A9Jk^Amk^7:842AE:@?mk^7:8FC6m

kAm“|:I:?8 >2E6C:2=D H:== 2=H2JD :?G@<6 =2J6CD[” ‘2DD:=:@F D2JD] “w6C6[ H6 3=6?565 4@?4C6E6 H:E9 H@@5 2?5 k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^A2C256]4@>^D9@AA:?8^36DE\=62E96C\A2?EDQm=62E96Ck^2m E@ 4C62E6 >@C6 :?E6C6DE]”k^Am

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kAm(@C<[ A=2J 2?5 C6DE 2== 3=6?5 92C>@?:@FD=J 😕 E9:D DA246] p H:?5@H D62E 2?5 56D< 2C6 3@E9 :?4=F565 😕 E9:D E66? 8:C=’D C@@>[ “56D:8?65 7@C 4@>7@CE 5FC:?8 =2E6 ?:89E DEF5J D6DD:@?D H:E9 7C:6?5D[” 2D |24F82 D2JD]k^Am

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k7:8FC6mk:>8 DC4lQ9EEADi^^A2C256]4@>^]:>286^407:ETar90g__TarH0`a__^|;p`|K*d|s*_};tI|%xd|KpH^64=64E:4\365C@@>\:562];A8Q 96:89ElQg__Q H:5E9lQdbcQ ^mk7:842AE:@?mkAm!9@E@8C2A96C ‘:G:2? y@9?D@?k^Amk^7:842AE:@?mk^7:8FC6m

kAmx?DA:C65 3J E96 :4@?:4 AC:?E D9@H42D65 2E E96 q6G6C=J w:==D w@E6=[ }:49@=2D }2D9 D2JD E92E D96 >:I65 4=2DD:4 A2=> H2==A2A6C H:E9 3=24< 2?5 H9:E6 6=6>6?ED E@ 4C62E6 “2 E:>6=6DD 2?5 6=682?E =@@<]”k^Am

kAm$96 8@6D @? E@ D2J[ “%96 A2=> H2==A2A6C 255D 2 E@F49 @7 EC@A:42= 7=2:C 2?5 G:DF2= :?E6C6DE E@ E96 C@@>[ H9:=6 E96 3=24< 2?5 H9:E6 6=6>6?ED AC@G:56 4=62C 4@?EC2DE 2?5 32=2?46] %9:D 4@>3:?2E:@? 2==@HD E96 H2==A2A6C E@ DE2?5 @FE 2D E96 7@42= A@:?E[ 6?92?4:?8 E96 @G6C2== 2>3:2?46 @7 E96 DA246]”k^Am

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k7:8FC6mk:>8 DC4lQ9EEADi^^A2C256]4@>^]:>286^407:ETar90g__TarH0`a__^|;p`|K*d|%pI};&`|;xJ|;xc^?6FEC2=\365C@@>\56D:8?];A8Q 96:89ElQg__Q H:5E9lQ`a__Q ^mk7:842AE:@?mkAmr@FCE6DJ :76 rC62E65k^Amk^7:842AE:@?mk^7:8FC6m

kAm“%96 ?6FEC2= 7FC?:D9:?8D ?646DD:E2E65 2 DEC:<:?8 2446?E H2==[ H9:49 H6 244@>A=:D965 3J :?4@CA@C2E:?8 2 G:3C2?E H2==A2A6C 369:?5 E96 365[” 24F82 D2JD E92E E9:D 365C@@> H2D 4C27E65 “E@ C67=64E 96C A6CD@?2=:EJ E@52J[ 3FE D@A9:DE:42E65 6?@F89 E@ 8C@H H:E9 96C 2D D96 286D]”k^Am

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k7:8FC6mk:>8 DC4lQ9EEADi^^A2C256]4@>^]:>286^407:ETar90g__TarH0`a__^sp_;xc^3@9@\365C@@>\:562D];A8Q 96:89ElQg__Q H:5E9lQdf`Q ^mk7:842AE:@?mkAm!9@E@8C2A96C y6DD:42 qCJ5D@?k^Amk^7:842AE:@?mk^7:8FC6m

kAm“(6 =@G6 :?7FD:?8 >:5\46?EFCJ >@56C? 7FC?:D9:?8D H:E9 2 C:49[ 64=64E:4 A2=6EE6 @7 4@==64E65 2CE 7@C 2? 677@CE=6DD=J 49:4 3@9@ G:36[” }:49@=2D }2D9 D2JD]k^Am

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k7:8FC6mk:>8 DC4lQ9EEADi^^A2C256]4@>^]:>286^407:ETar90g__TarH0`a__^|;p`|K*d|;”I|;”I}Kx_}st_^>@56C?\365C@@>\:562\56D:8?];A8Q 96:89ElQg__Q H:5E9lQ`a__Q ^mk7:842AE:@?mkAmr@FCE6DJ Js*J^72C>9@FD6\365C@@>\:562D];A8Q 96:89ElQg__Q H:5E9lQdbcQ ^mk7:842AE:@?mkAm}:4@=6 s:2??6 !9@E@8C2A9Jk^Amk^7:842AE:@?mk^7:8FC6m

kAm“(6 3682? H@C<:?8 H:E9 E9:D 4=:6?E 367@C6 2C49:E64EFC2= A=2?D 6G6? 3682? 56G6=@A>6?E[ 2?5 @?6 @7 E96 6=6>6?ED @7 E9:D =@E 2?5 9@>6 E92E H6 =@G65 E96 >@DE H2D E96 H2J E96 =:89E H@F=5 4@>6 A@FC:?8 E9C@F89 E96 H:?5@HD[” |24F82 D2JD] “pD E96 A=2?D H6C6 56G6=@A65 7@C E96 AC:>2CJ DF:E6 k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^A2C256]4@>^?6HD^9@H\E@\86E\98EGD\49C:DE:?2\92==\E@\C6?@G2E6\J@FC\9@>6\a_acQm6IA2?D:@?k^2m[ H6 H2?E65 E@ >2<6 DFC6 E92E E96 H:?5@HD H6C6 2D >F49 @7 2? 2C49:E64EFC2= 762EFC6 2D E96 362FE:7F= G2F=E65 46:=:?8—D@ H6 HC2AA65 E96 H:?5@HD 2C@F?5 6249 D:56 @7 E96 365C@@> E@ >2<6 DFC6 E92E H6 H6C6 =6G6C28:?8 E96 DF?=:89E ?@ >2EE6C H92E 5:C64E:@? E96 DF? H2D EC2G6=:?8 @C E:>6 @7 52J]”k^Am

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k7:8FC6mk:>8 DC4lQ9EEADi^^A2C256]4@>^]:>286^407:ETar90g__TarH0`a__^|;p`|K*d|K&J|K4K~%|c|%|J^?6FEC2=\365C@@>];A8Q 96:89ElQg__Q H:5E9lQ“gaQ ^mk7:842AE:@?mkAmr@FCE6DJ ;p_st_^72C>9@FD6\365C@@>];A8Q 96:89ElQg__Q H:5E9lQ`a__Q ^mk7:842AE:@?mkAm}:4@=6 s:2??6 !9@E@8C2A9Jk^Amk^7:842AE:@?mk^7:8FC6m

kAm|24F82 25G:D6D[ “|2<6 DFC6 E@ E2<6 46:=:?8 96:89ED :?E@ 4@?D:56C2E:@? H96? DEJ=:?8 J@FC 365C@@>[ 6DA64:2==J :7 E96 C@@> :D?’E G2F=E65] %96 C62=:EJ 😀 E92E >@DE 9@>6D 2C6 H@C<:?8 H:E9 6:89E\ @C ?:?6\7@@E 46:=:?8D[ H9:49 =:>:ED E96 =:89E 7:IEFC6D J@F 42? FD6] %@ H@C< 2C@F?5 E9:D :DDF6[ H6 C64@>>6?5 E92E 4=:6?ED :?G6DE 😕 DE2E6>6?E =:89E:?8 @? ?:89EDE2?5D—6:E96C 2 D4@?46 @C E23=6 =2>A—3FE D@>6E9:?8 H:E9 D42=6]”k^Am

k9bmeg] !2:?E6C=J (2==k^9bm

k7:8FC6mk:>8 DC4lQ9EEADi^^A2C256]4@>^]:>286^407:ETar90g__TarH0`a__^|;p`|K*d}s&H|K&J~s4d|%pJ^26DE96E:4\365C@@>\:562];A8Q 96:89ElQg__Q H:5E9lQdc_Q ^mk7:842AE:@?mkAmr@FCE6DJ :76 rC62E65k^Amk^7:842AE:@?mk^7:8FC6m

kAm*6D[ 3C@H? 2?5 3=F6 k6>m42?k^6>m 8@ E@86E96CP $A@E=:89E:?8 2? F?6IA64E65 A2=6EE6[ 6C?6C D2JD[ “%96 36DA@<6 49@4@=2E6 365 2?5 ?:89EDE2?5D :?DE2?E=J 6IF56 D@A9:DE:42E:@?[ 4@>A=6>6?E65 3J E96 42AE:G2E:?8 H2E6C4@=@C H2==A2A6C 25@C?:?8 E96 324<5C@A]”k^Am

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k7:8FC6mk:>8 DC4lQ9EEADi^^A2C256]4@>^]:>286^407:ETar90g__TarH0`a__^s4K~%4`KpH^4@@=\365C@@>\:562D];A8Q 96:89ElQg__Q H:5E9lQ`a__Q ^mk7:842AE:@?mkAms@F8=2D w:== !9@E@8C2A9Jk^Amk^7:842AE:@?mk^7:8FC6m

kAm“%9:D H2E6C7C@?E 365C@@> 9:89=:89ED E96 G:6H[” 2CBF6 A@:?ED @FE] “%96 96253@2C5 H2== 😀 FA9@=DE6C65 😕 2 A2=6 2BF2 3@F4=6 C6>:?:D46?E @7 E96 k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^A2C256]4@>^`bfhgde^A2C256^4@2DE2=\8C2?5>@E96C\26DE96E:4^Qm4@2DE2= D6EE:?8k^2m[ 2?5 >:CC@C 2?5 8=2DD 2446?ED 3@F?46 =:89E 2C@F?5 E96 DA246]”k^Am

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k7:8FC6mk:>8 DC4lQ9EEADi^^A2C256]4@>^]:>286^407:ETar90g__TarH0`a__^s<c|%|_|K<H}K”H^365C@@>\:562D\7@C\H@>6?];A8Q 96:89ElQg__Q H:5E9lQdbbQ ^mk7:842AE:@?mkAm}:4@=6 s:2??6 !9@E@8C2A9Jk^Amk^7:842AE:@?mk^7:8FC6m

kAm(@?56C:?8 9@H E@ C64C62E6 E9:D 4@C?6C 😕 J@FC @H? 365C@@>n |24F82 C64@>>6?5D 8C@F?5:?8 2 =2C86 A:646 @7 2CE H:E9 2 36?49 F?56C?62E9] “!=FD[ :E 24ED 2D 2 DA@E 7@C J@FC E66?D E@ 4@>6 :?[ D:E 2?5 DA:== E96 E62 2E E96 6?5 @7 2 =@?8 52J[” D96 255D]k^Am

k9bmf`] @@<:?8 uC6D9k^9bm

k7:8FC6mk:>8 DC4lQ9EEADi^^A2C256]4@>^]:>286^407:ETar90g__TarH0`a__^%tb~%<c};t_|st_^>@56C?\365C@@>\DEJ=6];A8Q 96:89ElQg__Q H:5E9lQdf_Q ^mk7:842AE:@?mkAmr@FCE6DJ :76 rC62E65k^Amk^7:842AE:@?mk^7:8FC6m

kAm!F?4EF2E65 H:E9 >@56C? 564@C[ K*d%”c;pH|;&`~%<c^CFDE:4\365C@@>\:562D];A8Q 96:89ElQg__Q H:5E9lQdbbQ ^mk7:842AE:@?mkAm}:4@=6 s:2??6 !9@E@8C2A9Jk^Amk^7:842AE:@?mk^7:8FC6m

kAmw2C<6?:?8 324< E@ 52JD 8@?6 3J[ |24F82 D2JD E92E 😕 E9:D CFDE:4 365C@@>[ =2J6CD @7 C:49 H@@5D >2<6 7@C E96 A6C764E ?:89EDE2?5 G:8?6EE6]k^Am

k9bmfb] $9233J r9:4k^9bm

k7:8FC6mk:>8 DC4lQ9EEADi^^A2C256]4@>^]:>286^407:ETar90g__TarH0`a__^|;p`|K*d}%4K|sxc|K”I}Kta^CFDE:4\365C@@>\:562];A8Q 96:89ElQg__Q H:5E9lQdbbQ ^mk7:842AE:@?mkAm}:4@=6 s:2??6 !9@E@8C2A9Jk^Amk^7:842AE:@?mk^7:8FC6m

kAm~776C:?8 2 G:6H @7 E96 =:?6?D 2D H6==[ |24F82 D92C6D E96D6 H@C5D 23@FE E9:D G:?E286\:?DA:C65 365C@@>i “(6 =@G6 FD:?8 >:==H@C< 369:?5 2 96253@2C5 H96? J@F H2?E E@ 255 =2J6CD @7 E6IEFC6 2?5 :?E6C6DE E@ =2C86C H2==D] p?5 :7 J@F A=2? ;FDE C:89E[ E96 C625:?8 =:89E 42? 36 A=2465 A6C764E=J 😕 E96 46?E6C @7 2 A2?6=[ >2<:?8 :E 2? 2C49:E64EFC2= 762EFC6 2?5 7F?4E:@?2= E@@]”k^Am

kAmkDEC@?8m}6IE FA[ k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^A2C256]4@>^D9@AA:?8^9@>6\564@C\:562DQmA:4< FA D@>6 564@C :562D E92E 42? =:7E J@FC >@@5k^2m]k^DEC@?8mk^Am

k9amtIA6CE $@FC46Dk^9am

kF=mk=:mz6?5C2 }:49@=2D }2D9[ AC:?4:A2= :?E6C:@C 56D:8?6C @7 k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^HHH]?2D956D:8?8CA]4@>^Q C6=lQ?@7@==@HQm}2D9 s6D:8? vC@FAk^2m]k^=:mk=:m{2FC6? {6C?6C[ rt~ 2?5 7@F?56C @7 k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^=:G:?8H:E9=@=@]4@>^Q C6=lQ?@7@==@HQm{:G:?8 H:E9 {@=@k^2m]k^=:mk=:mt>:=J {2|2CBF6[ 7@F?56C @7 k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^HHH]6>:=J=2>2CBF6]4@>^Q C6=lQ?@7@==@HQmt>:=J {2|2CBF6 s6D:8? $EF5:@k^2m]k^=:mk=:m|682? $:2D@?[ rzqs[ k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^>DEF5:@:?E6C:@C56D:8?]4@>^23@FEQ C6=lQ?@7@==@HQm:?E6C:@C 56D:8?6Ck^2m]k^=:mk=:m$96=3J ‘2? s2=6J[ k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^52=6J\9@>6]4@>^Q C6=lQ?@7@==@HQmAC:?4:A2= 56D:8?6Ck^2m]k^=:mk=:m|2C:2 ‘2DD:=:@F @7 k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^>2C:2K@656D:8?D]4@>^Q C6=lQ?@7@==@HQm|2C:2 +@6 s6D:8?Dk^2m]k^=:mk=:mpD9=6J |24F82[ k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^HHH]E964@==64E65:?E6C:@CD]4@>^E62>Q C6=lQ?@7@==@HQmAC:?4:A2= 56D:8?6Ck^2m]k^=:mk=:my2D>:?6 rC@4<6EE[ pE=2?E2\32D65 :?E6C:@C 56D:8?6C[ 4@?E6?E 4C62E@C 2?5 7@F?56C @7 k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^;@J>66ED9@>6]4@>^Q C6=lQ?@7@==@HQmy@J |66ED w@>6k^2m]k^=:mk=:msC6H $4@EE[ :?E6C:@C 56D:8? 4@?E6?E 4C62E@C 2?5 7@F?56C @7 k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^HHH]J@FEF36]4@>^492??6=^&rEHKDGK#r7!55Ba8!=8z(`HQ C6=lQ?@7@==@HQm{@?6 u@I w@>6k^2m]k^=:mk=:m{@C: |@D42E@[ AC:?4:A2= 2?5 7@F?56C @7 k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^HHH]42DF2=6=682?4656D:8?D?4]4@>^Q C6=lQ?@7@==@HQmr2DF2= t=682?46 s6D:8?Dk^2m]k^=:mk=:myF=:2 {2FG6[ k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^HHH]H@C<D9@ADEF5:@]4@>^23@FEQ C6=lQ?@7@==@HQm:?E6C:@C 56D:8?6Ck^2m]k^=:mk=:mp>J !6=E:6C[ k2 9C67lQ9EEADi^^A6=E:6C:?E6C:@CD]4@>^Q C6=lQ?@7@==@HQm:?E6C:@C 56D:8?6Ck^2m]k^=:mk^F=m


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